Result Portal & Website

Our result portal is a web application that improves the process of result computation & access through an online platform (CLOUD). It gives the staffs ease in compiling the student's results and the parents ease in the checking of results. All these are achievable on a mobile phone.

School CBT Platform

Just as national exam bodies like UTME carry out their exams online; this same opportunity is available for your school. Your students can write their exams using modern technologies.

Why Choose Us

A lot of academic institutions have signed up for us to integrate the result portal and CBT feature into their academic system. Here are some of the reasons why they signed up.


A Professional Team at your Service

We are a team of talented professionals. We consistently push ourselves to serve and meet the needs of our esteemed clients.


No Coding Experience Required

No previous experience of coding or programming is required. The software is very easy to use, for parents and staffs.


Secured Database

All of the information is safe and secured and not prone to loss. The student's information (database) is stored in a cloud-based system.


Interactive User Experience

The software is easy to use and navigate. Hundreds of staff and parents have used our technology and attest to its ease of use.


Excellence at an affordable Budget

Our rate is affordable so we can be able to serve various academic institutions. And this doesn't stop us from being excellent.


Responsive and Aesthetic Website

Our platform is responsive and mobile-friendly. It has a visually pleasing interface which makes it easy to navigate.


Hear what our clients have to say about our technology and how it has helped improved their school administrative functions.

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